Our Services 

The services provided by us at ValiLEAD covers the entire life cycle. We are part of the whole process and will make sure that you got what you ordered and ordered what you got. 


We gather and connect relevant stakeholders for the requirements gathering. Defining the correct product together with the subject experts and follow the requirements all the way to delivery is an important and major part of our test process.

Did you order what you got? We will support you in ensuring that your needs are captured in the best possible way. We will also follow the requirements through the processes and connect with relevant stakeholders to ensure that your needs are understood and met. All this while connecting back to you and ensuring that relevant information and changes are captured and communicated in the right way.

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Planning, leading and executing test activites. Ensuring that the expectations from each activity is set and the expected information is provided in a timely matter.

We will help any business to improve quality and deliverable tests through improved routines, introducing new tools and ways of working, that we know work and will take your business to the next level.

Test is not the way to create a solution. Test finds the information of which you can base decisions on and then create a great solution that works for your project and business.



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Creating and improving the development process to ensure that relevant information is provided to the correct stakeholders and at the correct time. We do continues follow-ups to capture areas that might need improvements, from beginning to end.

The Strategy services are aimed to looking at the process of delivering a solution which would meet the expectations of a customer. We will cover the process from requirements gathering, all the way to final delivery. And of course, ensure that the expected information is provided in a timely manner. Whether you are a new company starting up, or you want to improve and / or adapt your existing process ValiLEAD will help and support you with this. The foundation of our thinking and process is the Modern Agile approach, which can be adopted into any of your current ways-of-working. 

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Coaching / Mentoring 

We provide highly experienced people to support you with coaching and mentoring, both for individuals as well as teams. 

With the test and development processes changing, there might be a need to further coach and mentor people in the organization in order to stay on top of the processes. This service differs from the Strategy service in the sense that here we look at the operation aspects of the canvas. We coach and develop the teams in adapting to new ways-of-working, coach and mentor stakeholders to ensure that the expected information is proved and guide you through the process from requirements gathering to delivery. We work side by side with you and your team to make sure that you get exactly what you require in the coaching and mentoring process.