Team Rynkeby – God Morgon Malmö are back!

It’s been about two weeks since Team Rynkeby – God Morgon Malmö reached their goal and arrived in Paris. Read Adams point of view from the trip here!

What was your first thought when you crossed the finish line?
– It was a mix of emotions, both relief and emptiness because we have spent a whole year together as a team. Many, many hours have been dedicated to training and events with the team and it became a part of our everyday life.

What was the hardest thing that you and the team faced during the journey?
– The hardest thing must have been all the steep slopes we had to face on our way to Paris. This was a conscious choice from our route planner so that we could experience beautiful grapevines along the way. The two-three first days was the hardest because we didn’t know what to expect. After the first days we had been through all kinds of slopes, conditions, downhill and cities and after that the only thing we could do was to continue. We had one extra rough day with over 35 degrees which most of us wasn’t prepared for. We made extra stops along the way to fill up our bottles and rinse ourselves off with water.

Did you manage to escape injuries?
– We were very lucky this year and had no major accidents. Some had trouble with their back or knees, but it wasn’t to serious and all of us made it all the way. The best way to recover is to take a walk after dinner to keep the legs and circulation going.

And finally – would you do it again?
– Definitely, it was an incredibly beautiful ride through Germany, Luxembourg and France. I have made friends for life during this whole journey.

The team from Malmö has gathered about 2.5 million SEK in favor of Barncancerfonden during 2019 so far. A big applause and praise to the whole team!


Watch the movie with Adam about his thoughts, expectations and preparations before the long journey to Paris began here.


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