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We as testers and test managers are experts at communicating, at all levels and with everybody from developers to managers. A true tester must think about the bigger picture and see all aspects of the canvas from different points of view. Our job is to ensure that you as the client order what you expect, and get what you ordered. Does it sound complicated? Let us break it down for you in the different services that we provide.

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We gather and connect relevant stakeholders for the requirements gathering. Defining the correct product together with the subject experts and follow the requirements all the way to delivery is an important and major part of our test process. 

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Creating and improving the development process to ensure that relevant information is provided to the correct stakeholders and at the correct time. We do continues follow-ups to capture areas that might need improvments, from beginning to end. 

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Planning, leading and executing test activities. Ensuring that the expectations from each activity is set and the expected information is provided in a timely matter.

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Coaching / Mentoring

We provide highly experienced people to support you with coaching and mentoring, both for individuals as well as teams. 

Clients / References

Being expert test leaders and testers has allowed us to work with some of the biggest names and companies in the business. We are very proud to call these clients Our clients and that they trust us to run their test ship.


We are peas in a pod, close friends, compadres if you will. A team of fun and most importantly, brilliant employees that enjoys poking around and trying to find information and figuring out improvements. Sounds familiar? Let us present some of the members from our team.

Robert Arndt

King of payments and eCom. Has an uncanny ability to get a reference to Ali into almost any conversation.



You need me when you want to ensure the business data flew when several IT systems are included by an End-to-end testing activity. 


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