Small firm - big heart. ValiLEAD

ValiLEAD - the small firm with the big heart

ValiLEAD is the small firm with the big heart.

We have created a little promo film for you with simple information about what we do. There are three important factors in testing and test management and those are:

Requirements - gathering all the information and the requirements about the product, system or project is the first stage of testing.

Testing - then we have to test the product, system or whatever it might be. This process gives us important and necessary information that we deliver to the

that's right - the customer.

The customer - the most important factor in testing. Without the customer, the two first factors wouldn't even exist.


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Starring: Björn Petersson
Film made and edited by: Melanie Ahlin


Small firm - big heart. ValiLEAD

Åsa Svahn. Photo: Denise Vestin

Welcome Åsa Svahn!

Åsa Svahn. Photo: Denise Vestin


We would like to wish Åsa Svahn a warm welcome to us here at ValiLEAD!

Åsa is going straight out to a new assignment and we know that she will kill it as a test leader at the customer. We are thrilled about having you in the team Åsa and look forward to getting to know you more. Once again - Welcome!


The stages of test management

The goal of the test management process is to deliver products or systems of high quality that meets the customers demands. Efficient test management is divided into five stages and includes planning, defining, executing, tracking and reporting. We shall explain the stages step by step for you here:

  1. Planning
    The planning stage involves developing the test phase’s overall direction and purpose and includes requirement, time and place for the test. The question on where to test is decided through documenting important soft- and hardware configurations. When these details are set, the time frame for the test is decided by tracking cycles and time periods. The planning stage is different for every project since the time aspect can vary heavily.
  2. Defining
    This stage captures the steps that are necessary for completing a given test in order to answer the question about how a test will be conducted. It’s about defining generic test cases that will be broken into detailed steps.
  3. Executing
    During this phase, tests are run in logical sets. Tests are run against a known configuration of the hardware that is being tested or against a test environment. It’s important to record the configuration in purpose of recreating tests at a later stage.
  4. Tracking
    Depending on the test management tools that are used by the test team, the results are logged. The results are summarized and later showed via a dashboard or metrics tool. Tracking is an extremely important phase in the test process since metrics of quality is required in order to efficiently track the development.
  5. Reporting
    All test efforts and results are reported to all the stakeholders during this phase. The purpose of this is to determine the current state of the project and to give details about the overall quality of the tested product or system.




people sitting at a table, looking at a chart with computers, new assignment for Niklas Wikstrand, Business Analyst, rol out expert

New assignment for Niklas Wikstrand at ValiLEAD

Niklas has landed a new assignment as a Business Analyst and roll out expert. The role entails that Niklas coordinates, covers several roles and makes sure that the requirements are set towards the client. The team includes about ten people who work together as a part of an extensive payment project. The project implies that all countries where the client operates are getting a payment solution that is designed and suitable for their separate needs.

- It’s a lot of fun to be on sight at a new client and to work in a big project together with a tight group, Niklas says.


Test mangament - Niklas Wikstrand

Computer on a desk, coding, new role, new assignment at ValiLEAD

New assignment for Björn Petersson at ValiLEAD

Björn’s new role at SDV means that he acts as test leader for the migration of data from the old patient management systems to the new ones. Björn’s team includes ten coworkers that reach over the entire organization.

- It’s very exciting to jump into a new project and to see the regional business. I look forward to being a part of this journey and to see the results from the project, Björn says.

The project at SDV covers all patient management in the region and means that all patient data will be digitized and brought together. About 300 people are involved in the extensive project and it is one of the largest in the region.


Test mangament - Björn Petersson
Björn Petersson

Test mangament - People putting their hands on each others as a team. New assignments for ValiLEAD

New assignments for ValiLEAD!

Three of our consultants, Björn Petersson, Helene Liedholm and Niklas Wikstrand, has landed new assignments in Skåne and Gothenburg. New assignments that opens up new doors and new possibilities for us at ValiLEAD.
Congratulations and good luck!


Test mangament - A person holding a lightbulb in front of a bright light

The future of software testing. E-book, picture of a rocker and computer

The Future of Software Testing

The future is here! At least in the world of test. Change and improvement is something we constantly strive for and this applies to the world of test management and software testing. Do you know the upcoming trends within software testing? 12 experts have shared their predictions for the future and we summarize them here:

· More and more companies have transitioned from the classic waterfall method to agile and DevOps methods within the development process and that will continue. As a result of this, software that can detect bugs early in the process is developed.

· We live in a world controlled by AI and Machine Learning and in correlation with these smart systems and solutions, more thought and exploration is required. Traditional testing must develop along side of these smart systems.

· Test roles are going to be more integrated in the organization and business side instead of working alone in a testing silo. They will also be more cross-functional in their role.

· The lines between development and production are being blurred out more and more and testers are going to test more in the production environment than in the development environment.

Want to learn more? Read the full rapport here!

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The future of software testing. E-book, picture of a rocker and computer

Test mangament - four orange puzzle pieces looking like figurs

ValiLEAD presents Robert Arndt

Presenting one of our talented Consultants - Robert Arndt: 

I am a tech enthusiast, originally from Ystad but now living in Eslöv with my family. I am often told that I am a realist with a big sense of humor. Love to ski when the opportunity presents itself. I like to find the balance between work and spare time, which sometimes can be a challenge. The importance of finding the balance is key so that I can perform just as well at work as I do at home.

I am currently working as a Test manager for payment solutions at a big furniture company. A really exciting assignment where I get to meet many different people from different parts of the organization. To be able to follow the process from delivery to production is a definite bonus and to see how it’s used in real time.

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Test mangament - four orange puzzle pieces looking like figurs

ValiLEAD presents Stefan Alexi

I am a travel- and music enthusiast, originally from Gothenburg that’s lived in Skåne for over 15 years. I like to combine my travels with food, drinks and nature experiences. This has brought me to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca in Costa Rica four times to volunteer and work with animals. I have been a home brewer for over ten years and during this time I have been the president for the Swedish Home Brewer Society for two years and won medals in the Swedish Championship. I also have a huge football interest and moonlight as a judge in the lower divisions. With a lot going on all the time, it would be great if I could slow down sometimes and not have a calendar filled for six months forward.

I work as a test leader at a bigger tech company and have been there for almost three years. The project I’m involved in are responsible for cable-based delivery of software to at home users and the customer service centers around the world. I get to work close with both the developing team and the backend team which contributes to it being an exciting assignment. We work in short release cycles with constant changes in the requirement demands which often means a high pace. Beyond planning and testing new functions and improvements in the app during the sprint, I’m responsible for test of the release candidate to ensure the quality when we release a new addition to the product.

Test mangament - four orange puzzle pieces looking like figurs

ValiLEAD presents Sara Lundell

I’m born and raised in Dalarna. Moved to Skåne in June 2012 for better work opportunities. Found love, a new education (IT and economics at Malmö University) and the chance to work with public transportation from a sustainable environmental aspect. My three biggest interests include my instruments, different kinds of games (video/board/roleplay) and to explore new places and challenges. My strengths revolve around logic, automatization and decision making. I don’t know anyone who has as many calculations as I have. Calculations that has taken some time initially, but now automates big parts of my life. Automatization and optimization seldom lead to having time over since that time is filled with a bunch of other things to do, things that in return can be automatized and optimized. A tricky balance but it’s never boring!

In my current project I test different IT systems within the public transportation. It’s an interesting assignment that has given me a new perspective on how complicated the public transportation is and how it is taking big steps towards digitalization.

When I’m not testing big updates in the system, I develop scripts for key surveillance, manage alarms and statistical data. I started this assignment on October 1, 2018, and I have felt like a part of the team since day one. My colleagues are passionate about their job and it’s difficult not to get carried away with different projects and discussions.

I have grown enormously since my move to Skåne. The same goes for my assignment. You never stop learning new things and with the right attitude you never stop growing as a person either, which is my goal. Through my assignment, I have grown in just a few months within my profession, and I get priceless knowledge’s and tips every day.