ValiLEAD – the small firm with the big heart

ValiLEAD is the small firm with the big heart.

We have created a little promo film for you with simple information about what we do. There are three important factors in testing and test management and those are:

Requirements – gathering all the information and the requirements about the product, system or project is the first stage of testing.

Testing – then we have to test the product, system or whatever it might be. This process gives us important and necessary information that we deliver to the

that’s right – the customer.

The customer – the most important factor in testing. Without the customer, the two first factors wouldn’t even exist.


Watch our promo film on LinkedIn and tell us what you think.


Starring: Björn Petersson
Film made and edited by: Melanie Ahlin


Small firm - big heart. ValiLEAD