ValiLEAD presents Sara Lundell

I’m born and raised in Dalarna. Moved to Skåne in June 2012 for better work opportunities. Found love, a new education (IT and economics at Malmö University) and the chance to work with public transportation from a sustainable environmental aspect. My three biggest interests include my instruments, different kinds of games (video/board/roleplay) and to explore new places and challenges. My strengths revolve around logic, automatization and decision making. I don’t know anyone who has as many calculations as I have. Calculations that has taken some time initially, but now automates big parts of my life. Automatization and optimization seldom lead to having time over since that time is filled with a bunch of other things to do, things that in return can be automatized and optimized. A tricky balance but it’s never boring!

In my current project I test different IT systems within the public transportation. It’s an interesting assignment that has given me a new perspective on how complicated the public transportation is and how it is taking big steps towards digitalization.

When I’m not testing big updates in the system, I develop scripts for key surveillance, manage alarms and statistical data. I started this assignment on October 1, 2018, and I have felt like a part of the team since day one. My colleagues are passionate about their job and it’s difficult not to get carried away with different projects and discussions.

I have grown enormously since my move to Skåne. The same goes for my assignment. You never stop learning new things and with the right attitude you never stop growing as a person either, which is my goal. Through my assignment, I have grown in just a few months within my profession, and I get priceless knowledge’s and tips every day.