The Future of Software Testing

The future is here! At least in the world of test. Change and improvement is something we constantly strive for and this applies to the world of test management and software testing. Do you know the upcoming trends within software testing? 12 experts have shared their predictions for the future and we summarize them here:

· More and more companies have transitioned from the classic waterfall method to agile and DevOps methods within the development process and that will continue. As a result of this, software that can detect bugs early in the process is developed.

· We live in a world controlled by AI and Machine Learning and in correlation with these smart systems and solutions, more thought and exploration is required. Traditional testing must develop along side of these smart systems.

· Test roles are going to be more integrated in the organization and business side instead of working alone in a testing silo. They will also be more cross-functional in their role.

· The lines between development and production are being blurred out more and more and testers are going to test more in the production environment than in the development environment.

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